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Referral Fee Programs

At Professional Resources, Inc. we want to make sure that those who help us grow are rewarded. With that said, please find below an outline of our Referral Fee program.

Full-Time Candidates

If you refer someone to us, and we place them, you will receive a referral fee in the amount of $1,000 for mid-level positions. As the seniority of the candidate placed goes up so do our referral fees. All the way up to $5,000! Oh, by the way if you refer someone and we don't place them until a year or so later don't worry you will still get your fee. As long as we are in business your referral is active!


This is a special program that we offer which allows you the referring party to earn money for every hour a consultant you refer is out on billing time with us. Our normal hourly referral fee is between $3-5.00 per hour!! That means if you refer a consultant who goes on a one-year assignment with us and you are getting $5.00/hr as a referral fee you will earn $10,000.00 for helping us. This is no joke, several people have told us they are just going to refer people, let us do the work, and then retire! Also, if they end an assignment and then we send them somewhere else you continue to get a fee.

Internal Referral Fees

If your current company offers an internal referral fee, we would like to beat it. How? If you know someone who is interested in working for your current company give us a call and let us represent them for the job. Representation does have its advantages! If the internal referral fee from your HR Department. is $5,000.00 we will beat it. If it is $10,0000.00 we will beat it.

Just a reminder, we want to grow like every company. As long as we are in business your referral is active. In addition, if you know someone is looking but are not close friends or acquaintances, just give us a call. We'll do the cold calling and you will still get the referral fee!